Are you suffering an injury or illness due to another person’s negligence? If yes, you have got the legal rights to claim for the injury. You deserve to receive financial compensation legally.

However, legal action is a must to claim compensation. Both general and special damages are claimed by an individual in the UK. The affected individual has to understand that he has a certain time limit for claiming the compensation legally.

Depending upon the level of seriousness of your sufferings and pain, the general damages are calculated. Not only pain and suffering, but the loss of amenity is also considered. In short, injury seriousness is calculated under the general damage category.

What are the Special damages claim for?

The other losses occurred due to the injury of an individual comes under special damages. For example, if you are a working person then the loss of earnings is calculated. The compensation for the salary lost, pension, and the bonus is calculated legally. Not only the present earnings, but the future loss of earning are also calculated logically for the affected person. It means an affected person is unable to return to his regular life or work due to the personal injury he will suffer financial loss due to nonpayment of salary from his employer. Hence, he has to be compensated accordingly till he recovers from the injury.

What are the other costs involved in a personal injury claim?

The affected individual can claim for his family member also. This is due to the family member’s loss of earnings for supporting you for a time. In case the injured person needs the help of a nurse then he can also claim for those expenses.

The injured person can claim for medications, physiotherapy or chiropractor fee, special equipment purchase cost, and travel cost of an individual to the clinic and from the clinic. Also, any damage that occurred to the injured person’s personal properties and possessions are also claimed.

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