NIKON F5 SLR Body Only (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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NIKON F5 SLR Body Only (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Description

Product Description Nikon’s F5 35mm SLR Body is an achievement in technology for the serious pro From the Manufacturer One of the most advanced SLR cameras available today, the Nikon F5 features an autofocus with five highly-sensitive sensors that will keep up with subjects at a stunning 8 frames per second. The light meter, the first in-camera meter with color sensitivity, divides the frame into 1005 discrete units. It then analyzes the light and color patterns and compares them against thousands of images that have been programmed into the camera’s on board memory. Users can adjust the size of the center weighted metering area from 8mm to 20mm for more accurate small area metering. Exposure control is controlled further via EV compensation, AF and AE lock controls, four exposure control systems, full manual control and automatic balanced fill flash that can be set in increments. A wide array of backs, viewfinders and other accessories make this the most advanced camera in the Nikon system. Features include: Body Construction – Die Cast Body with Titanium Viewfinder Exclusive Technology – Nikon Exclusive Dynamic Autofocus knows where the subject is, Mirror Balancer for vibration free shooting, Self-Diagnostic Shutter keeps shutter speeds accurate Light Metering System – Nikon Exclusive 1,005 Pixel RGB 3D Color Matrix Meter for scene identification Autofocus Technology – 5 Area Cross Array Autofocus System for fluid composition includes 3 Cross Type AF sensors Compatibility of AF Sensors – Cross-Type AF Sensors operate with every AF Nikkor lens AF Technology and Frame Rate – Nikon Exclusive Focus Tracking with Lock-On™ to 8 Frames Per Second Shooting Modes and Shutter Speed Range – Program, Flexible Program, Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority, Manual. From 30 seconds to 1/8000 of a second Versatility – 24 Built-in Custom Settings lets you personalize F5 for the way you shoot Computer Interface – Nikon Exclusive Photo Secretary for F5 incorporates 17 additional Custom Settings and ability to link exposure information to scanned photo images Lens Mount – F Bayonet Lens Mount accepts every Nikon AF Nikkor and most manual AI or AI-S Nikkor lenses

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