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Nikon F4 Camera Body Description

Nikon F4, 1988-. (4-AA) AIS AF lens mount. This is the European version supplied with the MB-20 grip which holds 4- AA batteries. Will accept MB-21 (6-AA) and MB-23 High Speed Battery Pack. 4th generation of Nikon professional system camera. Auto focus with manual override, AF tracking, AF lock. Manual metering, aperture and shutter priority AE, program AE. TTL OTF flash metering. AF or P-type lenses are needed to use Shutter priority or Program metering modes. Manual and Aperture priority can be used with any lens. 5 zone matrix metering pattern, plus spot metering concentrating on the 5mm circle in the center of the finder screen, and 60/40 centerweighted metering pattern. All metering patterns operate with AIS-AF, AIS and AI lenses, however, with Non-AI lenses use stop down metering with centerweighted pattern only, with AI converted lenses use centerweighted or spot metering patterns only. LCD/LED display in VF. Exposure compensation, AE lock. Standard prism: DP-20 has eyepiece shutter and VF illuminator, 100% image viewing. Dedicated hot shoe. Shutter speed range: 30 sec to 1/8000 plus T & B when using AE modes, in manual metering mode longest shutter speed is 4 sec. Flash sync in motor provides auto film advance (5.7 fps) and rewind. Multi exposure capability, mirror lockup, interchangeable prisms and focusing screens, removable back, body grip, DOF preview. Optional Backs: MF-22 Data Back (date, time imprinting), MF-23 Multi Function Back (also provides interval timer, auto bracketing, exposure delay and more.), MF-24 250 exposure back with multi- function capabilities of MF-23. Recommended flash: SB-24/25,

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